The most important year

inspired by this . Because our Lord and Savior knows what is up.

This year was, as anyone knows, different and challenging, but I have to give it to God, for me it was the best year!

I have learned so much about myself, learned so much about who my friends are, learned what I need and what I don’t, learned who is there for me and who is not, and who, in this foreign country, are my friends. Surprisingly, only one German, everyone else are … well immigrants, like me. We do bound together and get things done! But I feel that those 4-5 people are more than enough, I don’t need more friends. I need acquaintances, but I am good with the quality of friends.

Work was also good, had the luck to avoid humans and work remotely, and cuz reasons, I had to step up and learn so much in such a short time, that I am impressed by myself.

I admit, I still encounter racism, just had that lovely experience a few days ago, but I am trying to leave it behind me, I refuse to carry it around with me. Didn’t expect it from someone my age, but voila, people are…well…well.

Next post is gonna be about my favorite books 2020 and what books I plan on reading every year. There are some, that will get repeated. Some gems, that deserve that. Some books that change my life.

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