Food for…holidays

I am working out daily, well 3 days, one rest day, and I expect results. My plan was to get to 62 kg by the end of the year. But how exactly is that going to happen, if I eat so much crap holiday food?

Why do we do this? Why do we gorge ourselves with food during the holidays? Is this something that got left from the times when there was no food? Is it because of the pre-Christmas time, the fasting? even though, fasting is damn healthy and every vegan and vegetarian will agree that you just feel better.

So why do we do this to ourselves? Christmas, in this day and age, should be about our loved ones, spending time with them and not eating all that mayonnaise and sugar. Why so much food? why can’t we have these foods another day? why do they have to be confined to this 24-1 days? Everyone complains about eating too much and not feeling well.

What about this radical idea: eat as you always do. Cook just the amount of food you need. Talk to your family or friends and each cooks one thing and you share and exchange. And so you won’t feel guilty for having to eat it, because throwing it away is definitely not an option. And you have a bit from everything.

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